Sudbury Catholic District School Board
January 18, 2012

A Place to Play, Learn, Laugh and Grow Together!

Immaculate Conception School has been chosen as a new site for the Valley East Outreach – Carrefour meilleur départ Hanmer Best Start program.  On Monday, January 16th, Valley East Outreach hosted its kick-off event “Free Family Zumba” at Immaculate Conception School.  Many families, toddlers to grandparents, came dressed and ready to “zumba-cise” with Zumba instructor, Chantale.  All the parents, grandparents and children went home smiling and fully eneregized by the experience.
Carrefour Meilleur départ Hanmer hopes to get the word out to everyone that Immaculate Conception School will be offering new Valley East Outreach programs.  The program will be delivered in English, however some French language activities will be offered during the outreach session.
Beginning on Thursday, February 2nd from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. the  Valley East Outreach site at Immaculate Conception School will open its doors to families and offer Play Group activities. A variety of early learning activities will be offered to children and their parents/care givers. Parents/care givers will appreciate the opportunity to network with other parents and learn simple literacy and numeracy activities to play with their children at home. In addition, a wide variety of free workshops, programs and services will also be offered to parents/caregivers at this site.  The Valley East Outreach site will offer families a place to meet, learn, grow and have fun together.  If you are interested in learning more about the Valley East Outreach program, please contact Kim MacDonald, Carrefour practitioner, at 705-969-8888 and Louisa Bianchin, Principal, at 705-897-4483.

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