Sudbury Catholic District School Board
January 16, 2012

Fruity Fridays and Tasty Tuesdays at St. Bernadette

Students at St. Bernadette Catholic School always eagerly eat up all the nutritious offerings prepared and delivered by volunteers Gerda Weiss, Wendy Visneski and Henriette Waschuk.
Thanks to sponsorship through the Childhood Enfance program, St. Bernadette and many other Sudbury Catholic Schools regularly enjoy healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and tasty vegetables. Mrs Gerda Weiss, who has been actively involved with St. Bernadette for over 25 years as a parent, lunch supervisor and volunteer, stated that, “No matter what type of nutritious snack we prepare, it could be broccoli and cauliflower, the students always finish their serving and often ask for more!”

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