Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 19, 2011

Christmas and Math go Hand in Hand at St. Bernadette

There is no Christmas rage in this store – only happy, jolly shoppers! On Friday, December 16, the Grade 2 students at St. Bernadette Catholic School practiced patience, the virtue of the December at all Sudbury Catholic Schools, when shopping for their presents in the Christmas store set-up in their classroom. Armed with a coin purse full of money, students shopped for many different items from chocolates to jewellery . Students collaborated to make sure they had the correct change once they arrived at the cash register. “This is a wonderful, real life way to bring the math concept of counting money to life in the classroom,” stated teacher Jenny Aubin. “Students had a great deal of fun and are looking forward to putting their skills to use with one week of shopping left before Christmas. Everyone was definitely in the Christmas spirit.”

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