Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 15, 2011

Sudbury Catholic Celebrates Birth at St. James

St James Catholic Elementary Catholic School hosted a Drum Birthing ceremony on Tuesday, December 13th. Students from grades three to six watched as their peers awakened their drums through the guidance of Verna Hardwick, Ojibwe Language Teacher. In September, students had the opportunity to attend a three day retreat at the Killarney Shebanoning Outdoor Environmental Education Centre and participated in everything from scraping the hide to stretching it and preparing their rings. Drum Maker, Clyde Migwans, instructed students on the process and art of drum making. Students walked away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the hard work that goes into making traditional hand drums and gained valuable lessons in patience, stewardship and respect.

In the spirit of the season of Advent, it was appropriate that the students were able to celebrate the birth of the drums. Much like Christmas they shared in celebration with berries, corn soup and wild rice.

Drum makers hailed from St James, St David and St Benedict Catholic Secondary School and were proud to extend the invitation to share in the experience with the St James School Community and Atikameksheng Anishinawbek.

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