Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 12, 2011

St. Anne Animal Lovers Interact With Mother Nature’s Wildlife

The English Early Learning Kindergarten Students at St. Anne School have recently announced their love of animals to their community. Soft, furry animals, big-eyed animals, and cute huggable animals. On a recent trip to Science North, the youngest students within the Sudbury Catholic System discovered that not all of Mother Nature’s wildlife have the “cuddly” look about them. The student’s participated in a learning session called “How Animals Move”. During the learning experience, they were introduced to toads, turtles, and snakes.
While recounting some of their own life experiences with these creatures, the children learned that every animal is special, no matter what they look like. Even though some of the students started the program being a little afraid of the small creatures, by the end of the discussions with their “bluecoat”, they had a much better understanding of the bodily makeup and habitat information of all three animals. Practicing the wiggling movement of the snake, the hopping of the toad, and the withdrawal into their pretend turtle shell, the students came to have a greater appreciation for the animals. The St. Anne children finished off their visit by interacting with the creatures. How will this visit influence the young animal lovers? It just strengthens their determination to tell everyone that all animals need to be loved and respected for their roles in the world around us.

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