Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 08, 2011

St. Anne Students “Author” Their Way Into Christmas

The English Early Learning Kindergarten students at St. Anne School in Hanmer welcomed parents and grandparents into their classroom to begin getting into the mood for the start of the Christmas season. The Kindergarten children had been working on creating and writing all kinds of “non-fiction” stories throughout the fall. They authored books on Garden Harvests, Baking Apple Pies, and Caring For a Classroom Pet. With a bare classroom Christmas tree sitting within the room, the children and their family members worked on creating, decorating, and hanging their ornaments. Junior Kindergarten student Celyna Anzil was overheard saying “I love working with sparkles.” What was the result for the students within the Sudbury Catholic System? One beautifully decorated tree and a step by step picture sequence for the class’ newest non-fiction story. When asked what title the story should have, their was only one choice of course. “A Christmas Tree Decorating Special Classroom Day!”

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