Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 30, 2011

Connecting to Faith at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

Our Catholic Faith reminds us that we share a common God and for all our diversity we are one human family. Celebrating diversity in real ways is therefore essential to our Catholic teachings at St. Mary Catholic School. This is why Mr. Merigioli’s class created a wall mural with a picture of every student’s face. “I took a picture of every child with my digital camera because I wanted the school community to recognize the diversity of its population and to support this diversity in both words and action,” said Mr. Merigioli. Our school is a welcoming school and we treat everyone with respect.

The teacher also created “wordles” where every child’s name in the school was used to create an abstract design. These wordles are displayed next to the wall mural displaying all our students.

School Council Chairperson Erin Gauvreau said, “Every time each child passes by this mural they will realize that at St. Mary Catholic School they are valued and appreciated for their uniqueness, their worth and their individuality. It is a wonderful expression of our teachers’ and principal’s care and concern for our students.”

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