Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 22, 2011

Sudbury Catholic Staff “Schooled” on Generation Y

For the November 21, Professional Activity day, all teachers, educational assistants, early childhood educators, principals and vice principals from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board gathered in the new auditorium at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School to listen to Dr. Karyn Gordon speak on Generation Y. Dr. Gordon, the resident expert on relationships for Cityline and Chatelaine magazine, and who is one of North America’s leading experts on families, spoke to the group about Generation Y – which is defined as anyone between the ages of 8 – 30. This generation, Gordon explained is very different from the generations before including Generation X, the Baby Boomers etc. This new generation, which is the richest in history – is also the most stressed, said Gordon. As well, they are the most technologically savvy, but also the saddest generation. “As teachers, it is key for the connection to be made with these students, by reaching out to them on their level and connecting to their culture,” Gordon stated. “Most importantly, it is up to you the teachers to model the behaviour of which you expect from your students, as it is your responsibility to be the best example of what you hope they will be.” This hands-on presentation had the Sudbury Catholic staff learning interesting facts about Generation Y, and the similarities and differences with the other generations. As well, Gordon offered several motivating strategies to support student learning and student engagement in the classroom. “We are so fortunate to have been able to offer this rich learning opportunity to our Sudbury Catholic teaching community,” Catherine McCullough, Director of Education for the Board stated. “ Dr. Gordon’s presentation was inspirational, and so relevant in today’s school environments. We know that our teachers have walked away today with a greater, and richer understanding of our students, which in turn will allow for even more positive connections and stronger student engagement.”

Dr. Gordon also spoke about Generation Y to a crowd of over 200 parents and community partners on the evening of November 21 in the St. Benedict Auditorium.

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