Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 20, 2011

St. Anne Students Turn A “Monster Mash” Into A Funny Memory

The students at St. Anne School in Hanmer integrate technology into their programs on a regular basis. Sometimes, primary students need to count on the help of the older students within the school to help them work with all the options that computers have to offer. Students from Madame Lafrance’s Grade 3 English class wanted to create a Hallowe’en video with themselves in it. Grade 8 students from the Sudbury Catholic school helped out by first taking pictures of each of the Gr. 3 children on the MacBooks, and then used the pictures to create a Monster Mash video with the younger classmates in it. The results far exceeded the student’s expectations but the outcome was unexpected. Instead of scaring those who watched the video (as a Hallowe’en video should), it made the Grade 3 children laugh as they watched themselves in all kinds of computer generated clips. Were the primary students worried that they would have to redo their video? Not at all. Their motto is that the best learning is fun learning! Way to go Angels!

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