Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 14, 2011

St. Anne English Kindergarten Students Choose Not To “Leaf” Fall Outdoors

The smell of fresh fallen leaves is one of the joys of fall. But why “leaf” it outside? During the last month, the English Early Learning Kindergarten Students at St. Anne School in Hanmer decided to bring fall inside so they could enjoy it right up until the snow came. They used a freshly raked bag of leaves and placed it within their housekeeping center. Armed with rakes and a wading pool, the Sudbury Catholic Board students practiced all the activities that their parents were doing outside. Raking, jumping, and burying each other in leaves mimicked the activities that the students were experiencing within their own yards. How about fun? Well, just ask students Jenna Deveau Peddie and Olivia Dunbabin. Their smiling faces say it all. Fall is a great time of the year, especially when you can enjoy it with friends!

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