Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 31, 2011

Robots, Princesses, and Vampires – Oh My!

The entire student body at St. Christopher Catholic Elementary School gathered in the gym on October 31 to take part in the school’s halloween parade. All of the gym walls were lined with parents holding cameras – ready to snap photos and take video. As part of their annual halloween celebration, parents were invited to participate in the festivities and celebrate the spookiest of holidays with their children. Each class had the opportunity to show off their costumes, as well as their dance moves as they took turns strolling around the gym and moving to the music. Some of the classes also recited poems and performed plays for the audience – all having to do with Halloween. Principal Enzo Del Riccio grinned with delight as they students began their parade for the parents. “As always, holidays are a great opportunity to have parents visit the school,” Del Riccio stated. “Halloween is certainly no exception – we love having parents take part in our celebrations and it brings much joy to both the student and the parents.”

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