Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 07, 2011

A “Snakesational” Visit at Immaculate

On Thursday, September 29th, Immaculate Conception students learned about “Reptiles at Risk” from the Reptiles at Risk: On the Road team which is funded by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Reptiles at Risk is an outreach education program which is designed to spread the important message of reptile conservation in areas where these reptiles are actually found.

The Reptiles at Risk: On the Road program is an exciting, hands-on program featuring live reptiles. Did you know that snakes and turtles are at risk in Ontario? Immaculate Principal, Louisa Bianchin was excited for the students to experience these reptiles. “This program teaches students the importance of protecting these reptiles so that they exist for future generations.” Bianchin stated. “Many snakes in our geographical area are harmless and should not be persecuted, turtles that often cross busy roads need to be saved and avoided by drivers, This program encourages all of our students to recognize the importance of all living creatures.”

Students were so excited to handle corn snakes, rat snakes and garter snakes which were brought into the school. Those who wanted to handle a snake were given this awesome experience and learned that it is their responsibility as the future generation to protect all reptiles so that they do not become endangered species.

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