Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 03, 2011

St. Anne Early Learning Students “Dig” Fall

Students within the English Early Learning Program at St. Anne School in Hanmer recognize the many changes that fall brings for animals and plants. After brainstorming about their own activities, the children were able to understand that people are also making changes as Mother Nature prepares to rest. Their classroom teacher, Cheryl MacRury, invited the English Catholic students to her father’s home in order to allow the children to participate in a fall “garden harvest”. Dressed in boots and gloves and armed with their own shovels and smiles, the students moved through the garden pulling carrots and celery, picking pumpkins, and digging for potatoes. Before the harvest, some of the students were sure that carrots originated from stores. Since the visit, these young children not only recognize where vegetables come from, but they are also aware that harvesting in the fall will help to keep them fed now that days grow colder!

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