Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 29, 2011

St. Anne Students Promote Sun Safety Over Summer Holidays

The Grade 7 and 8 French Immersion students at St. Anne Catholic School in Hanmer modelled their sunhats in an effort to promote awareness of the adverse affects of sun exposure.  Working with their health teacher, Mrs. Desmarais, the students discussed the very serious issue of sun safety. With the upcoming holidays, students of all ages will be involved in outdoor activities both at home and for leisure. Students agreed that in general, young people aren’t concerned with the health risks of tanning, which includes the most dangerous type of skin cancer, melanoma.  The use of sunscreen, hats and protective clothing againstt too much sun are rules everyone needs to concern themselves with. Mrs. Desmarais, a teacher within the Sudbury Catholic Board, stated, “Students are aware of the dangers of the sun and they know how to protect themselves from it. But because they’re young the dangers seem distant to them and it’s difficult to get them to put their knowledge into practise.”

As well as taking precautions while in the sun, the students also discussed the effects of artificial sunlight. In spite of warnings and education the use of tanning beds continues to increase.  These St. Anne angels know that an ounce of prevention today is a step in the right direction for the future!

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