Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 06, 2011

St. Mary’s Friends – Across “The Pond”

St. Mary students had a first hand glimpse into the celebrations surrounding the recent Royal Wedding of Will and Kate when letters and pictures from their Pen Pals in England arrived. For the past two years, letters, gifts and even school apparel have been exchanged with St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School in Rayleigh, England (a distance of fifty-one kilometres from London, and a distance of 5646 kilometres from Capreol).

Last school year a link was made with Mrs. Lorna Pigman, Headteacher at St. Nicholas. Student letters were soon exchanged. Information about our Pen Pals was displayed on a central bulletin board so that all could read about our new friends. It was interesting to see that both schools have the same school colours, blue and gold.

This last set of letters included information about the Royal Wedding. The school had a street party in the playground. Students all brought food and were able to play party games. Everyone wore the colours of red, white and blue on the national holiday. St. Mary students will soon be writing about the end of year activities and their summer plans.

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