Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 06, 2011

St. Anne Student Looks For Gold

Victoria Dawson, a Gr.1 student at St. Anne School, hopes that her efforts will reward her with a few gold nuggets. After spending the day at Dynamic Earth with her classmates participating in many mining activities, including a trip underground, Victoria tried her hand at one of the earliest forms of searching for minerals, panning for gold. When asked what she might do if she actually found gold, this young student within the Sudbury Catholic Board said, ” First I would show it to my teacher and friends, then I would take it home and give it to my mom for her birthday.” The primary and some junior students at St. Anne School in Hanmer enjoyed their visit to one of Sudbury’s most famous tourist attractions and learning center. It gave them a good opportunity to learn about mining in the past. Comments such as,”My poppa, my dad, or my mom works in the mine,” helped the children to make connections with the jobs many of their parents and grandparents participate in on a daily basis. A great learning day was had by all!

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