Sudbury Catholic District School Board
May 16, 2011

St. Francis Students Learn from Sudbury Rising Stars

The students and staff at St. Francis Catholic Elementary School had the opportunity recently to watch a performance by the Sudbury Rising Stars. The Rising Stars is an organization that performs skits related to issues for seniors such as hazards, health issues, hearing issues, using walkers etc. The group has previously performed for adult groups including the Catholic Women’s League for the past three years, but their performance for the St. Francis students was their first time in front of children. Shirley Miles, coordinator of the group wanted the students to learn about these different issues that seniors face. As many of the students have grandparents and other seniors in their life, Miles explained that it is a great opportunity for them to have a better understanding of their potential problems and how to deal with them. Laurie Petryna, St. Francis Principal, felt it was a great way for their students to connect with all of the seniors in their life and to reinforce the importance of encouraging respectful relationships with them.

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