Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 07, 2011

Poet and Pizza Day at St. Mark

Recently the children and parents of St. Mark School, had an opportunity to write poetry with their parents and guardians. All groups were introduced to the different types of poetry as children read some examples of well-know poems.
The group was taught what a cinquain poem is and then everyone was given an opportunity to write a cinquain.
Rebecca Reimer helped us with our understanding of free verse poetry and she gave everyone a chance to write a free verse poem.
Students and parents were given poetry packs to work with.
Pizza was also served to help nourish the minds and bodies of our authors.

Here is an example of a cinquain poem written by grade 4 student, Madison Reimer Roy and her mom:

Happy, small.
Kicking, small, waiting, sleeping.
Excited to come out.

Here’s some free verse written by kindergartener Zoey Cryderman and her dad:

From the garden,
They dance with me,
They wear rainbow dresses.

This poem was written by Haley Cornthwaite and her dad:
The flowing water,
It looks so peaceful,
It looks so blue.

Mrs. Kennedy (parents) remarked, she had a pleasant afternoon with her son and appreciated the uniqueness of the event.

The poets ended the afternoon by sharing some of their new pieces of writing in front of the group.

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