Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 01, 2011

Embracing Technology in Sudbury Catholic Early Learning Classrooms

With the launch of Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten programs across Ontario this past fall, administration at the Sudbury Catholic felt it was important to link the Board’s commitment to technology to the new Early Learning Environments set up for the 4 and 5 year old students. As established by the Ministry of Education, the goals of the Full Day Early Learning program are to establish a strong foundation for the early years through a play-based learning environment as well as to improve a child’s prospect for success in school and beyond. Nicole Snow, Superintendent of School Effectiveness spearheaded an iPad pilot project for the Sudbury Catholic Early Learning classrooms. It was felt that the iPads in the classroom allow for the teachers and Early Childhood Educators to work together to set the students on a very positive trajectory for learning.
“This project has a two pronged approach with a focus on student learning as well as teacher/ECE efficacy,” Snow stated. “Not only will the students have an excellent opportunity to learn while playing – one of the six fundamental principals of the ELKP, the teachers and ECE’s will also have an important tool that helps track assessments, data and growth for each of the students.” Snow also explains that through the use of the iPads, the teachers and ECEs will have the opportunity to expose their students to a unique way to explore, discover and grow while being able to evaluate and assess the child’s progress.
Catherine McCullough, Director of Education for the Board strongly supports this project and feels that it is an exceptional opportunity for both the students as well as the staff. “This iPad pilot project allows our young students to develop curiosity, creativity and confidence through technology which speaks to the whole Early Learning philosophy of play-based learning,” McCullough stated. “I am proud that our Board supports our strategic commitment of living a culture of technology and this project is an outstanding example of putting the needs and successes of our students first.”
Each Sudbury Catholic Early Learning classroom will be equipped with a set of iPads, a MacBook, a printer and a digital camera as well as having access to wireless Internet. All of the ipads have been set up with numerous apps that will allow for maximum student learning as well as for teacher/ECE assessment purposes.
All Sudbury Catholic Early Learning Teachers and ECE’s were in-serviced on the iPads and will begin to implement them in their classes as early as March 2. For more information on this pilot program, please contact the Sudbury Catholic District School Board at (705) 673-5620.

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