Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 15, 2010

A Breakfast for All Authors

Students, parents and other community members recently gathered for an author’s breakfast at St. Mark School. Students were given an opportunity to share some of their most recent pieces of writing created during class.

The group was given an opportunity to hear Mrs. Reimer, local author of children’s books. Mrs. Reimer is one of our student’s grandmothers, who wrote a children’s book about a story her husband shared with her. The story is about his childhood and the book is called, “Paul’s Toothy Earache.”

Mrs. Reimer shared her writing experience with the children and discussed how she came up with the idea for a book, how she designed the illustrations, and she also gave advice on the writing process for young authors.

She also encouraged the children to pursue their dreams if they want to become writers. While listening to Mrs. Reimer the whole community shared in a nutritious breakfast.

The school staff remarked, “We really want to encourage the children to become confident writers, so we felt Mrs. Reimer would motivate our students with her enthusiasm for writing children’s books.” Madison Reimer said, “ I’m proud of my grandmother’s book.” She also looks forward to producing her own book one day.
Why not carry on the family tradition?

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