Sudbury Catholic District School Board
November 29, 2010

St. David School Community Celebrates outgoing Mayor’s Contributions to Local Youth

Outgoing Sudbury Mayor John Rodriguez was honoured by local school community in the Donovan area. Rodriguez visited St. David Catholic School during one of their HOUSE activity days. It was during this school assembly that Rodriguez was presented with a school sweatshirt signed by every child, teacher and staff member in the school to thank him for his many hours of dedication to the community, both as the mayor of the city of Sudbury and as the past vice principal of the school.

Rodriguez addressed the students during the celebration and thanked the community for their support and generosity. Rodriguez told students, “they have a responsibility to care for each other and through the HOUSE program they have the opportunity to learn how to be part of a team. Teamwork and responsibility are important skills that we all need to be successful in our world.” He gratefully accepted the gift of appreciation and was proud that the HOUSE program started by him during his days as vice principal of the school still is alive and well in the school today.

The students continued to cheer and sing even as Rodriguez left the gymnasium. St. David Catholic School community was honoured to have the opportunity to display their spirit and give back to a member of the community that has given of himself for the good of others so many times in the past!

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