Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 16, 2010

SCDSB Lifeskills Classes Celebrate End of Year at Annual Picnic

Students from all of the Sudbury Catholic Elementary and Secondary Lifeskills classes gathered in the Pavillion at Fielding Park on June 16 to come together in celebration of another successful school year. Despite the dark skies and pouring rain, the students and staff took part in their annual SCDSB Lifeskills picnic. Although the weather prevented the usual outdoor activities, the spirits were high as crafts and cards came out and laughter could be heard throughout the room. This year marks the eighth Lifeskills picnic for the Board and each year it is more like a family reunion than a school event. Emily D’Angelis, the Lifeskills teacher from St. Raphael said the students really look forward to these gatherings as some of them have known each other for years. “Some of our students have been together for three or four years and when they all get together, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to reconnect and catch up on each other’s lives.” D’Angelis said. Many of the older students could be overheard making plans for the summer and talking about what the next year holds for them, while most of the elementary students were too busy playing and high-fiving each other to discuss any future plans. Students enjoyed their lunch of hotdogs donated by the Harvey’s in the South End and some even braved the elements to attempt to feed the ducks despite the rain. All in all it was an excellent day for both students and staff to celebrate together before the start of summer.

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