Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 12, 2010

St. Michael – A Peaceful School

Seeds of Peace: April brings the beginning of spring, a time to start anew. In honour of Earth Day, held on April 22, we will plant Sunflowers. A flower, like peace, often starts small and grows into something beautiful. To survive, however, it requires care, so as we tend to our flowers, we encourage our students to tend to the culture of peace at our school.
In being a part of Peaceful Schools International, St. Michael’s is a school that strives to create and sustain a culture of peace. Students have participated in various activities such as writing their own message on “What is peace” next to the image of a dove, they created posters for ‘no name calling week’ and students continue to celebrate the monthly virtues in a school assembly.
In peaceful schools, children are encouraged to be open minded and accepting of others who may look different, have different customs or hold beliefs that do not correspond with their own.

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