Sudbury Catholic District School Board
March 21, 2010

St. Ben’s Students Celebrate Multicultural Day

Students from the Lifeskills class at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School were thrilled to be able to share their projects on March 11 during their Multicultural Day celebration. All of the students were asked to pick a country and then use books from the library and find information on the internet to help them put together a project for their geography assignment. Some of the countries picked included Cuba, South Africa, Mexico and Ireland. The presentation of the projects was the first part of the day’s celebration and then the students played games, listened to music from different countries, and enjoyed different foods from around the world. Pam Colasimone, the Lifeskills teacher was very proud of the work that the students had produced. “ The students have worked for the last six weeks on these projects.” said Colasimone. “ They thoroughly enjoyed learning about the countries they selected as well as learning about the other countries that were presented today. It was a fantastic project for the students and they had a lot of fun in the process!”

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