Sudbury Catholic District School Board
February 10, 2010

Sudbury Catholic Schools Greener Thanks to Provincial Funding

Five Sudbury Catholic District Schools: Marymount Academy, St. Charles College, St. Benedict, St. Francis, and St. Raphael Catholic Schools are a lot “greener” today thanks to a McGuinty government investment of $272,284. The new funding for “Green School Projects in Sudbury” was announced at a media conference held this morning at College Notre Dame by Rick Bartolucci, M.P.P. Sudbury.

“Our government is committed to ensuring students in Sudbury have the best possible resources for learning,” said Bartolucci. “Today’s investment will save area school boards money while promoting a greener, more efficient approach to learning and living in our community”.

In August 2009, boards across the province were asked to submit applications identifying their interest in the “Green Schools Pilot Initiative.” The Sudbury Catholic District School Board participated in five multi-board project application submissions for five different green projects. In October 2009, the Ministry approved the pilot projects involving five of the Board’s schools and local businesses. The Board is working with green energy companies to pilot a variety of projects involving electric energy conservation, hybrid electric or thermal energy generation, sewage and water treatment, solar and thermal energy generation and conservation, and wind generation.

Barry MacDonald, Vice-Chair of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board was on hand for this morning’s announcement and is very pleased with the funding from the province in support of the Green Schools Pilot Initiative. The $272,284 that we gratefully received from the province will allow our Board to pilot nine green installations using five new initiatives. These new and innovative technologies will not only support our plight to reduce our energy consumption and our commitment to reduce carbon emissions but will also provide test sites for renewable and sustainable power generation plants.

The five schools involved in the pilot projects with their respective companies are as follows:

School Project Company
Marymount Academy Electric Energy Conservation Triacta Power
Fifth Light Technology
St. Benedict Catholic SS Electric Energy Conservation Triacta Power
St. Charles College

Electric Energy Conservation
Hybrid Generation
Sewage and Water Treatment

Triacta Power Conserval Engineering Inc.
Brac Systems
St. Francis Catholic School Ontario Educational Solar Evergreen Power Solutions
St. Raphael Catholic School Electric Energy Conservation
Sewer and Water
Triacta Power
Brac Systems
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