Sudbury Catholic District School Board
January 04, 2010

Bishop Alexander Carter Students Take Part in the Season of Giving

Students at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School were challenged to bring in gifts to support the St. Vincent de Pol Society which is a charitable organization that helps out the less fortunate. Each of the homerooms were asked to bring in gifts and fill out a bingo card that had certain gift items on it. Once the certain gift was brought in, the item was checked off on the card. When the whole card was complete, the homeroom won the Bingo and received a pizza lunch donated by Topper’s Pizza. This year’s winner was Mrs. Roy’s grade 12 homeroom class. Mrs. Roy’s students were the first to bring in all of their gifts and have them wrapped and ready for donating. Ms. Prusila, a teacher at Bishop took on the organizing of this project when she joined the Bishop staff as she felt it was important to have the students take part in the season of giving.

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