Sudbury Catholic District School Board
April 18, 2006

SCDSB Hosts Kindergarten Information Night, “Programs to Power Young Minds Through Play”

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board welcomed prospective kindergarten parents and students to its first annual Kindergarten Information Night held at Marymount Academy recently. The evening was designed to inform and enlighten parents regarding the Board’s kindergarten program and allow them to gain an understanding of the Catholic system which integrates faith and culture.

Sudbury Catholic District School Board Trustees, Senior Administration as well as school principals, vice-principals, kindergarten teachers and members of the Academic Services staff were also on hand to discuss the different supports that the Board has to offer, including community partnerships that enhance and support its programs.

Rossella Bagnato, Academic Superintendent of Education for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board invited parents to visit many of the school and special interest group displays and kiosks and to personally connect with staff and agencies that were located on site throughout the evening. “Kindergarten is a bridge between early childhood development and the compulsory school system,” stated Bagnato in her address to parents. “Classrooms of young children function as caring communities. They are in effect, extensions of the home. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board offers that same warmness in the classroom that allows children to thrive and grow. We educate the whole child. As well as meeting the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs we also have an added dimension and that is spirituality. We are there to nurture the faith of our early learners,” concluded Bagnato.

Highlights of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s kindergarten program that were shared with parents throughout the evening included;

– A religion program centred around the theme of the child being created in God’s image. The Board promotes a sensitive, caring environment where Catholic values are integrated throughout the day. Prayer and religious symbols are part of everyday life.

– An enhanced early literacy and numeracy program which focuses on developing language, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Technology is used as a tool to promote literacy/numeracy as a strong link to the real world. (Kindergarten students have access to wireless laptop computers in preparation for the Board’s Learning With Laptop programs).

– French Immersion programs – are a highly successful approach to learning a second language and are available to all students.

– The Home/School Connection; The Sudbury Catholic District School Board believes in a strong partnership between the home, family and church. Ongoing communication and parent involvement is key to student success.

In her closing remarks, Paula Peroni, Chair of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board expressed the Board’s appreciation for the commitment of the academic services support staff, community partners and especially parents and guardians for making the evening such a tremendous success.

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