Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 06, 2005

SCDSB Students Captivated by Smart Youth Power Assembly

Norbert Georget presented a powerful presentation on teenage drinking and driving, substance abuse and peer pressure to secondary students from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board at the United Steel Workers Hall recently. The Smart Youth Power Assembly is a hard hitting, graphic and compelling presentation on the consequences of drinking and driving, alcohol and drug abuse and teen suicide with respect to today’s youth.

Norbert has delivered his Smart Youth Power Assembly to over one million students in 2,000 schools throughout Canada and the United States. He is an internationally renowned speaker, student motivator and paramedic with over 22 years experience. The Smart Youth Power Assembly began as a hobby on Norbert Georget’s days off but quickly turned into a full time commitment speaking to thousands of youths across North America.

A teacher in the truest sense of the word, Norbert knows young people and what problems they face. His audience was captivated by his exuberant presentation that was entertaining, enlightening and powerful. Norbert Georget received the Saskatchewan R.G. Olson Emergency Medical Services Award in 1991, the Saskatchewan Safety Council Award in 1989, a Certificate of Appreciation from British Columbia’s Counter Attack Program and he was also the recipient of the 1988 Provincial Safe Grad Recognition Award in Saskatchewan.

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