Sudbury Catholic District School Board
September 28, 2005

Home of the Bears?

Students and staff at the Sudbury Catholic District School Board and adjacent Marymount Academy had an unexpected visitor for lunch on Monday afternoon as a bear cub made its way into the school grounds and up a tree. A curious crowd of well wishers quickly gathered around the tree as the Ministry of Natural Resources personnel were called in to dart and sedate the bear.

The little cub, (weighing less than 20 pounds) was placed in a metal carrying cage and transported to an animal shelter in Wahnapitae where it will be cared for over the winter and released into a remote area in the spring. Marymount students who witnessed the event came to the conclusion that the cub had probably wandered into the wrong high school and was in fact looking for their sister secondary school, St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School which as everyone knows is the “HOME OF THE BEARS.”

(On a more serious note, the SCDSB would like to remind all students and staff that bears are now foraging for food in all areas of the city before hibernation and therefore please be cautious on the way to school and on school property).

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