Sudbury Catholic District School Board
June 20, 2005

It’s ‘Fun 2 Sing’ at St. Bernadette School

Students at St. Bernadette Catholic School participated in the Fun 2
Sing program held at the school recently. More than 90 students from
Grades 1 to 6 took a break from their studies to sing and record four
songs under the direction of principal Linda MacDonald with assistance from Rob Hanson, producer of Folkes Hanson Productions.

“Fun 2 Sing” is an exciting, fun and rewarding project that offers elementary students the opportunity to be featured on a Christmas CD with other schools celebrating your school,community and music education,” states Hanson. “Numerous studies emphasize the importance and educational benefits of music for young
students. When students are starting to lose concentration, a five
minute break practicing for their upcoming CD will recharge their
batteries so that they are once again ready to learn,” concludes
Hanson. The Fun 2 Sing songs are easy, fun and require little or no
musical experience.

In addition to Sudbury, Folkes Hanson Productions have recorded students/schools in the communities of Peterborough, Belleville/Trenton, Kingston, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie,
Kitchener/Waterloo and the Niagara region. “These projects have
received much media attention, with features in local newspapers and
television news broadcasts. The students have a lot of fun, plus they
learn a little about music and recording in the process,” notes Hanson.

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