Sudbury Catholic District School Board
September 08, 2004

Welcome Back!

We wish to welcome back school personnel, volunteers, parents, and community partners of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board. The school bells have begun to ring, signalling the start of another fun-filled school year. A warm welcome to all students, parents, teachers and staff, especially those who are new to our Catholic system. We wish you the very best, and much success as you pursue your spiritual and academic journey.

Our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for a very successful start to the 2004/2005 school year. Enrollment in our Regular and French Immersion programs continues to increase on a daily basis. This is a direct reflection of the quality people who we are so fortunate to have in our Catholic schools. High academic success, as well as the education of the whole person, is our goal. Your commitment to this goal is greatly appreciated.

The Board of Trustees wishes to acknowledge your dedication to the quality of Catholic education of our students. In your chosen profession or vocation, or in your role as a parent or community partner, you make a valuable contribution to the lives of students as well as the common good of society.

Each of you plays a supporting role in our Catholic education community, allowing our students- your children- to shine in a safe, caring and clean environment, while building character and instilling Catholic values through your example.

We wish everyone continued success and count on your support throughout the rest of the school year.

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