Sudbury Catholic District School Board
October 01, 2003

Children’s Lectionary Book Returns To St. David School In Annual Procession

St. David Catholic elementary school in co-operation with the Holy Trinity Catholic Church held a special mass followed by a procession of students, staff and parents to help celebrate the Children’s Lectionary’s Book return to the school. A Liturgy Committee was established at the school consisting of parents, teachers, staff and Paul Labelle, Permanent Deacon at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. The main purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to enhance the liturgical celebrations in the school and to develop a closer connection with the Church.

The St. David Catholic School Council purchased a copy of the Children’s Lectionary Book for the school so that the children would have the scriptures in a version they could understand more easily and at the same time have a visible sign of God’s Word in their midst. The Lectionary Book is used at all school celebrations where the scriptures are read and at the school masses that are held at Holy Trinity Church on the first Thursday of the month throughout the school year. At the closing celebration of the school year in June, St. David students, parents, teachers and staff celebrate the return of Children’s Lectionary Book to the school. St. David’s copy of the Scriptures was given to a representative of Holy Trinity to bring to the Church for safe keeping over the summer break.

The Liturgy Committee decided this year to once again bring the book back to the school in grand fashion. At the closing of the first school mass of the year, Captains from each of the four houses that have been established at St. David’s came forward and received the book. The book was then processed back to the school with Chelsea Wandziak, (a student at St. David’s and an altar server at Holy Trinity), leading the way with the Cross, and Deidre Richer and Chelsea Toulouse, also students and altar servers following with candles, along with the school’s students in a procession (see above photo). The Lectionary Book was then placed in its prayer corner at the school and will remain at the school for the rest of the year.

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