Sudbury Catholic District School Board
July 21, 2003

St. Charles College Student Wins Scholarship Worth $20,000

Sean Sullivan, a graduate student of St. Charles College, saw any post-secondary economic woes disappear in late June after he was informed by Laurentian University that he was the recipient of the National Dean’s Entrance Scholarship for Excellence in Social Science valued at $20,000. During the school year, acting on the advice of his guidance counsellor, Sean sent an application to Laurentian University along with an accompanying letter outlying his career and academic goals, community service and a list of awards and achievements he had received while attending St. Charles College. As Laurentian
already had a transcript of his marks, Sean had to provide two letters of reference
to complete the application process. In early June, Sean was ecstatic when he received a letter form Laurentian University informing him that he had
won the Dean’s Award. Sean immediately phoned his parents who were in
Cincinnati, Ohio at the time to share the great news.

Sean Sullivan receives National Dean’s Entrance Scholarship to Laurentian
University.With respect to academic and career goals, Sean intends to pursue
an Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology while attending Laurentian University.
“I have always been interested in how the mind works,”stated Sean.
“For that reason, I intend on either becoming a medical doctor or a psychologist.”

An integral part of the application process also involved an examination of
Sean’s volunteer commitments and community service. While attending St.
Charles College he was a volunteer member of the St. Charles Student Council,
and helped organize the school’s annual food drive which brought in 52,000
food items for the Inner City Food Bank. Sean’s most satisfying experience
in voluntary community service was his role as a Peer Mediator at St. Charles
College. Peer Mediation is a volunteer program, (non-credit) in which select
students are trained in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Conflict Management.
These students then serve as peacemakers within the school, intervening as mediators
in conflicts between fellow students.

In addition to dedicating time to the community, Sean also demonstrated his
leadership capabilities in extra-curricula activities during his 5 years in
secondary school while playing on the School Reach Team, (a trivia competition
between schools). In 2000 he organized the team when a teacher was not available,
and since then, has served as team captain.

Sean Sullivan’s talents do not confine themselves to the realm of academia
or fund-raising only, as he also has a flair for the arts.. His major extra-curricular
activity while attending
St. Charles College was acting in the school’s drama club appearing as
Theseus in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Simon Starkweather in “Murder’s
in the Heir,” and most recently he undertook the leading role of Willy
Wonka in the popular play production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”
He was also a member of the St. Charles College Junior Band for two years, and
a member of the schools’ Graduation Committee, the Science Enrichment
Club and Amnesty International. In addition, Sean also managed to hold down
a part-time job at Topper’s Pizza in Garson while attending St. Charles.

Sean’s list of awards, and achievements are equally impressive and include
the following;

  • member of the SCC Drama Club, he won Best Supporting Actor in 2001, Best
    Male Performance in 2002 and 2003.
  • participated in the University of Toronto National Biology Competition
    in 2002 and 2003, representing St. Charles College
  • member of the St. Charles Club for five years, ( average over 80% )
  • winner of the Basilian Award in grade nine, presented to the student best
    exemplifying the school motto of “Goodness, Discipline & Knowledge.”
  • represented Canada, Sudbury and St. Charles College as a youth delegate
    at the December 2000 Student Human Rights Conference at the United Nations
    headquarters in New York City.
  • Valedictorian for the OAC graduating class 2003
  • winner of the R.J. McCarthy Bursary

Congratulations to Sean Sullivan on winning the National Dean’s Entrance
Scholarship for Excellence. In winning this award, Sean exemplifies the expectations
of Catholic Graduates in terms of knowledge, values, attitudes and actions.
May his search for knowledge as a lifelong spiritual and academic quest continue
to be grounded by strong Christian values. Good luck and best wishes to Sean
Sullivan on behalf of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board.

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