Sudbury Catholic District School Board
December 04, 2002

Sudbury Catholic District School Board Elects New Chair and Vice Chair

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is pleased to announce the election of its new chair and vice-chair for 2002-03.

Ray Vincent will assume the position of Chairperson and is looking forward to the new challenges this position will bring. “As we move forward this year, developing new initiatives and ideas, let us not forget to appreciate what we have accomplished in the short life span of the Board,” stated Vincent. “The foundation of our Catholic Education is only as strong as its main weight bearing point. I submit to you that our Catholic partners and larger community are looking to us, this Board to be this pillar of strength. Vincent continued on to state that, “What we do as a Board must say that we are committed to Catholic education. Our actions must say to our teachers that if indeed our schools are “Schools To Believe In,” and Catholic Education is a value added education, it is because of what happens in the classroom.. It is also important to note that what we do as a Board must be seen by parents and students that their best interest is our first priority.”

Jody Cameron, former Chairperson of the Board will take on the position of Vice-Chair and is also looking forward to his new role.”My first year as Chair involved a very quick learning curve,” stated Cameron. As a Board we were faced with a number of challenging issues which we overcame quite admirably, the creation of a new Catholic Secondary school in Valley East, increased enrolment at Marymount Academy, bringing in a balanced budget and the appointment of a new Director of Education, to mention only a few.” Cameron went on to state that his previous experience as Board Chair would be a definite asset in his new position.

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