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Over the years, the principles of our Catholic Faith were taught with the support of Catechisms and a variety of textbook series. Presently, we have a Family Life program entitled Fully Alive, produced by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, and a Religious Education series entitled Born of the Spirit, produced by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. These are both Catholic educational programs that help the student to see the human person as having a physical, intellectual and spiritual nature. These programs help our teachers and families to provide a Catholic education for our children based on the authorized teachings of the Church.

Fully Alive

Fully Alive offers Catholic parents, guardians, and teachers a special opportunity to work together as partners in family life education. Parent's special understanding of their child enriches the teacher's understanding. The teacher's experience with the child in the classroom deepens the understanding of parents and guardians. Each group supports the other. And children need the guidance of their parents, guardians and teachers in order to grow in wisdom and understanding.

The themes covered in each grade are:

1: Created and Loved By God Theme
2: Living in Relationship Theme
3: Created Sexual: Male and Female Theme
4: Growing in Commitment Theme
5: Living in the World

Fully Alive is intended to supplement but not replace the catechetical program. It is a religious program, but not the religion program. Fully Alive presumes a complete catechetical program and is designed on the basis that there will be at least four religion classes for every one in the family life. Fully Alive is directed throughout by Catholic teaching, and many truths of faith and morals will be called upon as needed in the program.

Religious Education

The Canadian Catechetical series, Born of the Spirit, builds on essential childhood education in faith which parents provide.  The various years of the
catechetical series seek to provide a progressive and systematic presentation to the basic content of our faith.  They are seen as an initiation into a lifetime of growing faith.

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